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Senthilprabu Ponnusamy

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Password Manager

Every one of us, use different online accounts (like Facebook, Gmail, eBay, PayPal, probably some banking accounts) every day. And most of us are using a common password for all these websites. Is it good to use a common password?

Managing a common password is not an ideal solution. It makes it easier for hackers to hack into our online accounts. So it is recommended to use different passwords for the different accounts. But how many passwords we can remember? Of course, we could not remember all the different passwords. So here we have a great solution LastPass – Password Manager.

LastPass makes it super easy to remember our passwords. Because it remembers them for us. All we have to do is remember our LastPass Master Password (make it super secure). And then all of our passwords can be stored in our vault for safe keeping. We can organize our passwords into folders (like work, online shopping, banking). We also can synchronize all our devices automatically. Most importantly, everything is 100% secure with leading encryption algorithms and two-factor authentication.

For a few years now I’ve been using this service, and it’s my lifesaver when it comes to managing the passwords. I probably have a few hundred different passwords in my LastPass service. Really It has made my life easier and more efficient because I don’t have to remember different passwords for websites.

Here’s the video from LastPass that gives you a quick overview of how LastPass works:

Some of the great features of LastPass can be found here.

LastPass has a browser extension, web app, and mobile application. They automatically identify the passwords you need on the webpage you’re on and give an option to auto-fill login forms.

Download: iOS | Android | Other Platforms

LastPass premium

LastPass does have a free account that is robust and works really well. But I have upgraded to the premium account. It’s only $12.00 a year and it allows me to synchronize into different browsers as well as access my details on my phone and tablet quickly and easily.


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