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How to use Gmail like a PRO!

Quick question for you!
How many Gmail addresses you have?

Agreed! Most of the Gmail users will answer one! Few may answer 2-3 or little more. But in real, every Gmail users have an unlimited number of Gmail addresses, even if you registered only one Gmail account!

Gmail Alias

Traditionally, these additional email addresses are called as Alias. Here is the list of Gmail addresses you can use:

  • #1. dot [.] alias
  • #2. plus [+] alias
  • #3. alias

#1. dot [.] alias

Gmail doesn’t consider dot[.] as a character. All the following addresses are same.

which means, you can just add or remove any number of dots in your Gmail address; all these addresses are just same! All your dot-variant addresses will be delivered to your inbox.

#2. plus [+] alias

Adding a plus (“+”) symbol with any word will also work in the same way.
Consider the following examples.

Similarly, all these addresses are just same!

#3. alias

By default, every [email protected] have an alias [email protected] So if you send an email to [email protected], they will see it in [email protected]

Official google blog, have an article about these methods. Yep, additionally we can use all the aliases in any combination. ([email protected])


Now, you may be wondering what to do with these virtual infinite email addresses (or aliases). Use your original email address with your friends and other real people only. And use the aliases addresses with websites, newsletters, and other online purposes.

  • [email protected] for all social networking websites
  • [email protected] for all shopping websites
  • [email protected] for all unknown websites
    (Many websites ask for email addresses; If you suspect any website may spam your inbox in the feature, use these instead of a real email address.)

Now you can create labels like social, shopping, spam, etc and then create an individual filter for each alias! This may sound a lot of work but once it’s done, it saves your time forever!


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  1. thecorncobb

    All this is good, only problem with the plus sign is that at least half of the time the website owner will not accept the “+”, declaring it an invalid email format &/or character/symbol. Big Downer!



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